Here’s something new I finished retouching just now.
I’m happy to show it to you because it’s been the most complex work I’ve done lately.
Whether we paint according to naturalism or abstract or whatever else the essential esthetic principles are universal. Having more than one figure and focus point challenges the artist to carefully consider composition and values (which I prefer to call “tones”; sounds less hierarchical), which is why this one took longer than usual.
But time should never be an issue when we work on personal pieces. Lucien Freud was known for spending even a year working on a panting if he felt it wasn’t “finished”.

Anyway, once again I’m pained by how small it is here compared to the size I worked with (60cm wide on 300 dpi). Limits of digital displays unless you buy a print. Talking of which, you can get them at FineArtAmerica HERE, together with a selection of lovely products, in case you prefer those.
Check the link anyway because you’ll be able to use the magnifier tool to enlarge parts of the painting.

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