I’ve been enjoying life drawing sessions for a few years and I realised I haven’t shared any of it on these pages, mainly because I post finished artwork.
Therefore I started uploading some of my life drawing work and other experimental drawings or paintings in my Instagram account (click me).

Everything in there is traditional work, nothing digital. For now they are studies and sketches. Hopefully it will lead to something more elaborate.
For now feel free to follow it. Whenever I join a life drawing session or make studies at home I post them there.

During these drawing sessions models pose in incremental amounts of time: 1, 5, 10 and 15 minutes. That’s why you might see some very quick sketches and others that are more complex. (I admit I have a preference for quick ones though; they have a sort of zen painting simplicity).

I always work with hard pastels on paper because it’s quick and spontaneous. I tend to prefer shading to line drawing, even though in the end I often add a few outlines with black charcoal.

I intend to play with other techniques too. I’ve done something with acrylics, but oils are still missing. I fear oils for the stinky turpentine. You have to know that I live in a tiny apartment where I don’t really have room to stack canvasses anywhere and where stenches spread through the house rapidly.
But who knows…I’m willing to try soon regardless.

I hope you’ll enjoy them and follow the page, especially if you do the same and I can follow yours back.

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