ad_profile I’m a professional artist with over two decades of experience in several fields of the industry.
I’m old enough to have witnessed how the internet changed communication and now how the process of digitization is transforming society, culture, media and of course visual arts.

I welcome the new, but I don’t forget neither the past nor the context in which we live. I embraced digital art long ago and regularly create personal pieces that I showcase in this website.

Drawing has always been my thing, since childhood, always a means of exploration of thoughts and feelings I could not express with words. Now I still retain the same vision of life as a magical and unexplained phenomenon, full of wonder but not at all relativistic, in fact sacred in all its varieties of manifestation, whether beautiful or horrifying.

I’m drawn towards the dream nature of life and the power of imagination, to the idea that our inner world reflects the outer and back, the dreamer and the dream as one in experience.
Now all my illustrations are an invitation to look within and without in a more ontological way, to raise the question “Is everything we experience what it appears to be?”.

The choice of the digital medium, initially one of convenience, turns out to be in line with all the above, as digital images are intangible and yet we experience them, like dreams that dissolve when we wake up but leave a perfume through our day and may change the way we approach it.

In our era of global networks and mass media dominance that is redefining the meaning of Art I explore its ever changing role by journeying through forms and themes that are most impactful to me.

Symbolism and classic literature are often my main sources of inspiration. With every artwork I always explore existential questions, psychological states, a touch of mysticism and sensuality. I enjoy exploring uncomfortable imagery and the unknown dark corners of the human mind, often concealing unexpected treasures.

My illustrations have been featured on art books such as Spectrum, CFSL.NET and Expose’. I sell them as prints at and as NFTs in various platforms such as Foundation, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.

Alejandro “Aledin” Dini

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