ad_profile Welcome to this blog and art gallery. My name is Alejandro Dini (Aledin for friends).

I’ve been working as a full-time illustrator for about two decades (I prefer not to count) in several fields, especially in publishing, multimedia and entertainment.

I continuously produce personal digital paintings that I showcase in this website.
Symbolism and classic literature are often my main source of inspiration.
Moreover I enjoy to read and write down my thoughts concerning the very same things inspiring my artwork and shaping the culture we live in, the way we the see the world and ultimately the very figure of the “artist”.

In this new era of global network and mass media dominance that is redefining the meaning of Art in our culture I explore its ever changing role by journeying through forms and themes thanks to the contemporary technique of digital painting.

Alejandro “Aledin” Dini

Illustrations featured in:

  • Spectrum 19
  • Expose’ 10 (Ballistic Publishing)
  • D’artiste Character Design (Ballistic Publishing)
  • CFSL.NET cafe sale-artbook 06
  • ImagineFX 76
  • Bluecanvas 14

Alejandro Dini’s illustrations and articles are protected by copyright and they can’t be used nor modified without the author’s consent.