Today I received the exciting news. “Alice in Nukeland” made it to Spectrum 19!
I had lost hope, thinking that the selection was over, so I was super surprised when I saw the email of confirmation.

Here’s “Alice in Nukeland” again.

[singlepic id=48 w=320 h=240 float=center]

This comes at the right time for me, because the year started very slowly. After my last illustration (“The Sacrifice of the Little Mermaid”) I started a new one, but after many days of work I realised I couldn’t connect to it. I wasn’t feeling it, if you know what I mean. The struggle was so great that I decided to simply drop the illustration.
Sometimes it’s the best thing to do instead of stubbornly insisting on something that doesn’t resonate with us. Besides, we shouldn’t get attached to whatever we do. Art is communication. If it doesn’t communicate to anyone, not even ourselves, what’s the point of it?
Also, we are the mediums through which our muses work. If we lose contact with the muse there’s no point in going forward.
I like the muse analogy.
At the same time I was feeling a new tendency in me, new themes and moods to explore, but they were not quite clear.

I was in that state of mind when suddenly, a few weeks ago, I caught a flu. A VERY bad one, with fever, cough and all the imaginable at once. I was floored for one entire week. I’m not the type of person who gets sick so easily and strongly. Clearly I was going through changes, not only art-wise but physically and mentally.

Things started to get better last week, I started something new that I’m liking and now I got the news from Spectrum, so finally the sun is shining again.
What a roller-coaster year. And it just started!

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