Last illustration of the year. Experiment 14 started like all my experiments (a doodle), but I liked where it was going, so I decided to boost it to about 7000×4200 pixels and work on it as much as I wanted, to finish it.

The process has been incredibly smooth, which helped in delivering this semi-abstract composition, one aspect I recently thought I’d like to develop.
Sometimes I feel that excessively realistic and figurative representation of subjects become a constraint for the mood I intend to express. I’m glad I managed to stay away from these virtual “chains” of my mind.

In a way Experiment 14 is the culmination of all the previous experiments. If you notice, since Experiment 1 I’ve been trying to fade the figure into a background, playing with solidity and perception, real and unreal.
I consider this piece a little step ahead in my search for personal expression.
I’ll keep working this way as much as circumstances allow me to.

PS: I even made a new signature, something that doesn’t look as nasty as my actual handwriting. 😀

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