I talked about my series of Experiments before, right? In short, they are just that: experiments. Things I do in 2 or 3 hours, to try something new.
Sometimes they are entirely improvised, other times I start with an idea.

Last year I made one I didn’t like entirely, but I’ll post it anyway. It has a concept-art feel to it, which is quite ok, but overall I hate how rushed it looks.
On the other hand, that’s the point of these “experiments”: to try new approaches and methods.

Experiment 10 (done a few weeks ago) is a combination of abstract and figurative elements.

It’s entirely done in Painter, to simulate oils a bit. I wish it was made with real oils.
Maybe one day.
Anyway I enjoyed working on this one. Forcing myself to very few elements is a good way to practice color and composition. I also admit I like abstract painting more and more. This experiment perhaps opened a new direction for me, something to explore in the future.
We’ll see.

  1. Hello, nice work, weird kind of erotic images as usually. haven’t seen you online (chat programs) for some time, just checking you out here. so, what’s you have been up to ? 🙂

  2. Hey,

    yes, weird and erotic are my things. hahaha I’m consciously focusing on these things more and more for personal work. I like the combination.

    Oh, I changed job, so I’ve been busy lately (and offline).

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